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Holiday guide of Orosei

Orosei is the chief town of south Baronia and is situated on the slopes of a volcanogenic hill on the Cedrino valley.
The sea, the beaches and the small coves that can be reached from Orosei are those elements that characterize the landscape and make this place one of the most famous in Sardinia.
The coastline of Marina di Orosei is characterized by 14 km of sandy beaches: from Osala to the faunal oasis of Bidderosa, that thanks to its crystal clear sea and the fine sand of the sandy shore, is considered the main attraction of this area.
A natural and peaceful oasis designated as a protected area that limits daily access to a small number of visitors.
The seabed in front of Marina di Orosei represents a real paradise for diving, fishing and snorkelling lovers.
The city still has a well preserved old town, where you can admire the churches of St. Antonio Abate, St. Giacomo Maggiore, Guiso Museum that holds a collection of 18th century miniatures of theatres and a collection of 18th – 20th century costumes. Other important churches, especially during the Holy Week, are the churches of Rosari and Anime.
The rural church of Santa Maria ‘e mare is important for one of the most striking demonstration of the whole Sardinia: the sacred image of the Saint is taken on a boat decorated with flowers that, sailing along the river Cedrino, reaches the church Santa Maria ‘e mare, where a huge banquet is set up with typical Sardinian dishes and wines at will.

Excursions in Orosei

Excursions in Orosei

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