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The best beaches of Orosei

The most beautiful beaches of Orosei, from north to south, in the Gulf of Orosei: a 40-km uncontaminated coastline, mostly free of asphalt, where nature has created impressive and paradisiacal cliffs and coves set among the rocks that can be reached only by sea or through challenging trekking routes.

Marina di Orosei Beach

Marina di Orosei Beach stretches for two kilometres in a long golden sandy shore of granitic origin. The beach has a steep slope and deep water.
The beach is equipped with all facilities: stall, rescue area, renting area for sunbeds and beach umbrellas.

Orsalla Beach

Orsalla Beach consists of two beaches separated by a small harbour. The first beach is called Orosei Beach and is surrounded by a lush pine forest and a pond. With its crystal clear water and deep blue seabeds, it is perfect for diving.
The second beach is called Dogali Beach and is sheltered by the cliffs of Punta Nera di Osalla and surrounded by a beautiful maquis.
The two beaches are connected by a short and smooth pathway that goes through the rocky end that separates them.


The most famous beach of Orosei is certainly Bidderosa beach, a protected natural oasis, 13 km far from Orosei. The park covers about 530 hectares and is made up of a succession of maquis characterized by stone pine, eucalyptus, cork oak, palmetto and of course juniper. The oasis follows the coast of the ponds of Sa Curcurica and Bidderosa and reaches five beaches with restricted access.
Cala Ginepro (Torre Moresca). Cala Ginepro is another of the most popular beaches of Orosei, with fine and clear sand mixed with small, flat rocks smoothed by the sea. It is characterized by crystal clear blue water that reflects the seabed made of shingles. Behind the beach there is a small, green and refreshing pine forest of junipers, where you can find shelter during the hottest hours.

Sa Curcurica

Sa Curcurica is one of the beaches in the area of Orosei that is ideal for children. The sandy shore is a beach of white, fine sand, ideal playground for children. Surrounded by a beautiful shady pine forest equipped with some stone tables for picnics. The pond Sa Curcurica, with its clear waters, can be visited by rental canoes.
Sa Curcurica is one of the beaches with the shallowest and sloping waters that makes it ideal for bathing children.