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Excursion in Orosei and surroundings: the eastern Sardinia you do not expect to see

The hotel is the ideal starting point for excursions in central and eastern Sardinia and in the beautiful coast of Orosei: excursions by sea, such as daily cruises by motor ship and visits of the famous beaches of Cala Luna, Cala Sisine and Cala Goloritze and excursions by land based on adventure programs both in Barbagia and in Gallura, within a stone’s throw from the Costa Smeralda. The excursions also offer lunch with the shepherds, trekking routes in Supramonte, tours by Jeep and Quad Bikes. All the major excursions to visit the surrounding area and the most beautiful beaches of the Gulf of Orosei can be directly booked in our hotel.
It is possible also to book daily (about 8 hours long), half day (about 4 hours long) or evening (about 5 hours long) tours.

Among the most popular excursions:


Visit of the environmental oasis of Biderrosa.

Length: half day. Located about 15 km from the Resort, it is an environmentally protected area with restricted access. It is a vast area composed by 3 beaches of fine white sand, crystal clear water and shallow water particularly suitable for children. Suggestive is the presence of pink flamingos in some periods of the year.

Visit of Berchida Beach.

Length: half day. About 20 km far from the Resort, it is one of the most beautiful and uncontaminated beaches of Sardinia, a first choice picture for postcards, posters and brochures. Behind the beach there is a small pond, which in some periods of the year, gives to Berchidda the appearance of a Caribbean atoll with a long strip of white sand that emerges from crystal clear water.

Mini cruise in the Gulf of Orosei by motor ship.

Length: whole day. Departure from the beach of Marina di Orosei at 10.00, embarkation on the motor ship to spend a pleasant daily sailing in the beautiful waters of the Gulf. Guests will disembark on the most beautiful, famous and uncontaminated beaches of the coast that can be reached only by sea: Cala Luna with its famous Grottoni, Cala Sisine, the wildest beach and Cala Mariolu with its precious pebbles. The tour also includes a visit of Grotta del Bue Marino, an ancient haunt of the monk seal. The entrance ticket to the caves is not included in the cost of the excursion.

Mini cruise in the Gulf of Orosei by rubber boat.

Length: whole day or half day. Departure from the beach of Marina di Orosei at 09.30 by rubber boat with driver to have a greater autonomy to visit the most famous bays of the Gulf: Cala Luna, Cala Sisine and Cala Mariolu. In this case too there will be a stop to visit Grotta del Bue Marino, ancient haunt of the monk seal. The entrance ticket to the caves is not included in the cost of the excursion.

Visit of Grotta di Ispinigoli (Dorgali).

Length: half day. Departure from the Hotel at 09.00. Arrival at the Grotta di Ispinigoli, a 50-meter deep karstic abyss also known as the “Abyss of the Virgins” because it is an old belief that sacrifices of young virgins took place here. Inside the cave there is a huge 38-metre column that proudly stands in the centre of the hall. The surrounding walls are beautiful, a thousand of crystalline jewels that surround the highest European stalactite-stalagmite.

Visit of the old town of Galtellì.

Length: half day. Departure from the Hotel at 09.00. Here you can feel the strongest attraction for the landscapes, traditions, people, that evoke images, environments, homes, tastes and moods of the “Galte”, the most famous novel written by Grazia Deledda, who won the Nobel Prize. A literary park has also been dedicated to the writer of Nuoro. The town still preserves the foreshortening that inspired the masterpiece. Traditions, life and economy of the past of Gatellì are represented by “Sa Domo and Sos Marras” (Marra’s house), located in via Garibaldi, which became the seat of the Ethnographic Museum and collects findings and testimonies of the country, giving us the feeling of rural life of the past centuries.

Visit of Costa Smeralda.

Length: whole day. Departure from the hotel at 8.00 by GT bus directed to the north-east coast of the island. Going along the most famous tourist centres, stops are scheduled where it is possible to take some photos. There will be a stop in Porto Cervo, the most important centre of Costa Smeralda, where you can make a small tour by train to visit all the attractions of the well-known town. The tour continues to Baja Sardinia, another popular seaside resort of the area, where lunch will be provided. A stop is scheduled in the viewpoint of Baja, to admire the beautiful islands of the Archipelago and the near Corsica. Then the tour continues on the inner road, Via delle Rocche Sarde, where there are the famous Tafoni sculpted by the wind. Note: Price does not include lunch in a restaurant/sightseeing tour by train.

Excursion and trekking in Orgosolo and Supramonte.

Length: whole day. Departure from the Hotel at 8.00 with a comfortable minibus, arrival in Orgosolo. The excursion continues by jeep to reach the forest Montes, a stop is scheduled at the source “Fontana Vona”, where the river Cedrino rises. The excursion continues with the ascent to the mountain “Novu San Giovanni” (1316 m, in a clear day it is possible to see the sea), the visit of some of the most beautiful areas of Supramonte with particular interest in the flora and fauna of the area, and observation of the various changes in the age-old woods (holm oaks, oaks). Another stop is scheduled in the characteristic ancient sheepfolds of “Su Vadu e S’Eni”. Arrival in “Su Pradu” and local product-based lunch. In the afternoon visit of Orgosolo, famous for its “Murales”. The price includes GT Bus/Guide/ Lunch. Shoes for easy trekking are recommended.

Visit of the Museums and the Market of Nuoro.

Length: half day. Departure from the Hotel at 08.30. Nuoro is the capital of the province located in the heart of Sardinia, where it is possible to visit the Museum of Sardinian Life and Popular Traditions. Nuoro is the birthplace of Grazia Deledda, who won the Nobel Prize for Literature. Extra time for shopping at the Market Corso Garibaldi, visit to the Cathedral and the old town.

Barbagia by 4×4.

Length: whole day. Departure by jeep from the Hotel to reach Oliena, where you will go along a panoramic path that leads to the summit of Mount Corrasi that with its 1463 meters represents the highest peak of the Supramonte. Later a pleasant stroll to discover the flora and fauna of the Supramonte. On the way back by Jeep, it is possible to reach a thick forest of age-old holm oak trees, where you will have a break based on local products, accompanied by the excellent Cannonau wine of Oliena. The tour continues along a dirt road, following the coast of Rio Cedrino, dominated by basaltic columnar of the Su Gullei Plateau, to reach Lanaitto Valley. Then we will visit the village of the nuraghi, Sos Carros Nuragico, whose sacred spring, recently discovered, is the oldest architecture of the Mediterranean. In a few minutes, we will reach the hospitable shepherds for a delicious typical lunch. In the afternoon we will visit the karstic complex of Sa Oche and Su Bentu caves. Before returning to the hotel, a stop at the spring waters Su Gologone is a must. Note: The price includes GT 4×4/guide/snack/lunch. Comfortable shoes and light dresses are recommended.

Excursion to Sea and Mountain by 4×4.

Length: half day. Departure by jeep directly from the Hotel. After passing the town of Orosei, we will go along a dirt road through the forest area of the mountain “Su Anzu”. After going down the mountainside of Punta Gurturgios again, so called because of the presence of the vulture Griffon, we will reach Capo Comino through a scenographic road. After the old lighthouse, we will have a short break to taste local products. Then we will continue along the coast on a 5-km dirt track to reach Berchida Beach. A one-hour stop is scheduled to bathe. Note: The price includes GT 4×4/ guide/snack/lunch. Comfortable shoes and light dresses are recommended.

Evening tours in Costa Smeralda, Porto Ottiolu and San Teodoro.

Length: whole evening. Departure around 20.00 to reach the most lively areas of the eastern coast to go for a walk along the harbours, to visit the evening markets with the typical stalls, to spend an evening in the exclusive squares of the famous VIP resort, to have a drink in the most beautiful and visited spots of Sardinia.